What’s your favourite type of cake? Hands down nothing beats a good Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Why have you a passion for pudding? I have trained as a chef, specialising in Patisserie, for over seven years, including several years as Head Chef at the award-winning Three Choirs Vineyard in Wickham and two years as Patisserie Chef at the Michelin Guide recommended Montparnasse in Hampshire. I am also a Catering Lecturer and co-founder and director of Rare Breed Catering & Events - I have my fingers in many pies (or puds).

What’s your biggest baking disaster? Oh easy - I once made two pastry Croquembouche towers for a wedding - each over 10 feet tall. Half an hour before serving I went to check on them and a waiter at the event moved them next to a radiator... I managed to rescue them by boiling up more caramel and hastily sticking them back together. Not a disaster but close enough!

What do you love about The Pudding Post? I love the concept behind The Pudding Post. The fact that you can have almost everything turn up through the post to make family, friends and yourself a high-end cake is amazing! As a father myself I love using The Pudding Post to bake with my children - it simplifies the processes and allows us to spend quality time together whilst I pass on my skills and knowledge to them. Plus the baking tips and recipes you receive will equip any home baker with a strong arsenal.

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What’s your favourite type of cake? I have to say my favourite recipes are all those that include fruit and vegetables: banana, carrot, beetroot, apple and lemon (although not all in one cake)

Why have you a passion for pudding? I have always loved baking. I find the best way to relax if I am stressed is to go to the kitchen and bake a big cake - I forget everything else whilst I am pottering in the kitchen. 

What’s your biggest baking disaster? Ooo, tough one - I think possibly a Christmas Cake I made two years ago: usually my mother makes us all Christmas cakes but two years ago she broke her leg and couldn't bake so my friend Anne and I decided to get together and make our own. Mum gave us her recipe but told us the wrong oven temperature (something she has of course denied)! We ended up with a horribly thick fruit layer at the bottom and a sponge so dry it couldn’t even be washed down with a pint of tea. 

What do you love about The Pudding Post? I love The Pudding Post because I like to try new recipes and I don't have to worry about shopping for ingredients and ending up with a huge bag of something when I only wanted enough for that cake. Great way to extend cooking knowledge and easy to follow recipes knowing they have been tried, tested and tasted, so are bound to be delicious!



What’s your favourite type of cake? Tricky question... I am an absolute sucker for chocolate in any combination - particularly orange, peanut butter, honeycomb, pear, salted caramel... bacon?

Why have you a passion for pudding? I like to eat it. A lot. It really is that simple.

What’s your biggest baking disaster? Oh most of them when I was younger, lots of trial and error: too little baking powder, forgetting to add a key ingredient or just creating a terrible hot mess. That said, I have definitely improved in the last few years.

What do you love about The Pudding Post? I think it’s important for people to cook with their families - not just to learn skills but just to be able to hang out and swap stories. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than baking with the family, having fun in the process and then stuffing your face with cake. What I found boring was having to source all the ingredients from several shops, measuring and weigh them all out (as well as ingredients clogging up the cupboard for months), making a mess and generally just rehashing the same tried and tested cakes all the time. Hopefully The Pudding Post goes some way to eliminating those problems.