Not just pudding
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White and Dark Chocolate Florentines w/ Candied Peel, Cranberries & Raisins


TIP 1: You want to cook until the peels are just translucent and/or until your sugar water as reduced to a couple of tbsp. Do not stir the peel (as the sugar will crystallise), but give your pan a couple of swirls to ensure all the peel is covered in syrup. Once cooked, remove peel (careful it's hot) and separate out whilst drying. To clean the syrupy pan it's best to add some water and then let simmer for a few mins before having a good scrub

TIP 2: We quite like a variety of nut piece-sizes (not too fine, but cutting each nut to at least a third original size) and found it best to achieve this by hand. Take a large chefs knife, grasp the handle and place the other hand flat over the spine, then carefully rock the blade back and forth over the nuts until the desired size

TIP 3: You need to shape the Florentines whilst they're hot, but the mixture is sticky and absolutely scorchio so please be careful and use the Rubber Gloves (ooo Matron!) provided. The Florentines don't have to be perfectly circular but use your rubber gloved hands to flatten the mixture into circles, making sure there are no small holes. To ensure your biscuits don't join up in the oven, spread them out on the tray and (because they cook quickly) bake in two batches of five Florentines per tray

TIP 4: Ensure simmering water does not touch the base of your ovenproof bowl as it bubbles, and remove chocolate immediately from heat once almost melted