Not just pudding
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Plum, Pecan & Gingerbread Upside Down Cake


TIP 1: We're not normally sticklers for lining your tin, but given the nature and positioning of the plums, with this cake it's imperative. Grease the tin and then fold your 12" Baking Circle into a concertina/fan shape (fold in half and continue until you can fold no more) - this'll make it easier once unfolded to keep it's shape and stick against the buttered base and walls of the tin (this ensuring a seal to keep your plums sticky and moist)

TIP 2: It's best to fully cream the butter first, then add the sugar in parts ALSO if you have a hand mixer this is sooo much easier - it'll take about 4-5 mins and should look all fluffy, creamy and happy-like ALSO Room Temperature means exactly that, it really makes a difference in baking

TIP 3: High in Vitamin A, we've heard a leftover Egg Yolk is wonderful for your skin. We're yet to try it at HQ, but it sounds like an eggcellent idea so let us know how you... crack on

TIP 4: GENTLY DOES IT! You want a light, fluffy cake and the less flour is worked and stirred into your batter, the better. To "fold" use a rubber spatula or spoon to cut down and through the mixture, then scrape the spatula along the bottom of the bowl, before coming back up - this will “fold” some of the mixture from the bottom of the bowl into the newly added mixture at the top

TIP 5: We advise having a quick peek at the 40-45 minute mark in case the top of your cake is browning too quickly (in which case just cover loosely with some foil for the last 10 mins). It is very important to ensure your cake is fully baked before removing from oven (the old "insert-toothpick-and-make-sure-it-comes-out-clean-and-dry" trick is a perfect indication)