Not just pudding

Oreo Biscuit and Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse


TIP 1: If you have a food processor this'll be a doodle. For those without you'll need a plastic bag (provided as Freezer Bag) a rolling pin (or similar weight) and a bit of elbow grease. You are looking for a very fine sand-like consistency

TIP 2: To sit or not to stir? We found it's best to let the sugar start to melt in the middle/bottom of the saucepan and then as it melts gently bring in the unmelted sugar from the outer edges/top to the warmer part of the pan. Keep an eye on the sugar and continue gentle stirring to avoid lumps and burning. You want a nice lightish down colour

TIP 3: This is best done with an electric or stand whisk, but can be done with a bit of patience and muscle. Whisk the whites until they are soft peaks (when you dip and lift the whisk out of the mix, the peak of the meringue white curls over on itself). Slowly add the sugar in quarters, with some brief whisking in between (but don't over whisk). Once the sugar has been added, continue whisking until hard peaks have formed (also known as "can I turn this upside down over my head without it falling on me")

TIP 4: It may seem a bit of a faff, but adding some of your whisked eggs to the melted chocolate first allows the remaining chocolate to combine with the rest of the egg much easier (without over-mixing the white). Gently fold in the mix to combine as you don't want to remove any of the air bubbles created by whisking - this makes a lighter mousse