Not just pudding
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Honey & Walnut Cake with a Lemon & Thyme Glaze & a Blueberry Sauce


TIP 1: TIP 1 - Electric ovens are harder workers than their lazy gas cousins and will need to be set at a lower temperature. In this case it's 338.F/170.C

TIP 2: It's best to fully cream the butter first, then add the sugar in parts ALSO if you have a hand mixer this is sooo much easier - it'll take about 4-5 mins and should look all fluffy, creamy and happy-like ALSO Room Temperature means exactly that, it really makes a difference in baking. No short cuts (a smallish lie - fill up a glass with boiled water, leave for two mins. Empty out and then stand glass over the butter for about four mins)

TIP 3: GENTLY DOES IT! You want to preserve all those bubbles you've just spent energy creating in the creamed butter-egg mix - this makes a lighter cake. Additionally the less flour is worked and stirred, the better. To "fold" use a rubber spatula or spoon to cut down and through the mixture, then scrape the spatula along the bottom of the bowl, before coming back up - this will “fold” some of the mixture from the bottom of the bowl into the newly added mixture at the top. Turn the bowl after every fold to ensure ingredients are evenly distributed

TIP 4: Times suggested are a guide. Like people, some ovens are just that little bit slower than others, whilst some are like mini balls of energy - you know best how your oven works so keep your eyes peeled. That said, do not break the cardinal rule of opening the oven to check cake (well, at least not for the first two-thirds of bake) - your cake will look mightily sad and no one will thank you for it

TIP 5: After checking cake cooked (insert a toothpick, ensure it comes out clean), you want to cover it with holes - much like an American Poke Cake. A chopstick will work perfectly for this (so we've provided one :)) : cover top of cake with holes at half inch placments, inserting the chopstick 3/4 of the way down. Slowly pour warmed glaze all over cake - we recommend doing this in stages to ensure cake soaks up every ounce of goodness