Not just pudding

Giant Orange Jaffa Cake w/ Rum and Orange Jelly and a Chocolate Mirror Glaze


TIP 1 (AND 2): If you're wondering what we're blooming talking about, wonder no further. To bloom your gelatine, separate out the sheets and leave to soak in cold water for 5 minutes. Then one by one slowly dip into the boiling water, mixing in as it dissolves. The mixing is key, otherwise you are left with a layer of bathroom sealant-like gelatine at the bottom (and a floppy pud)

TIP 3: It's best to fully cream the butter first, then add the sugar in parts ALSO if you have a hand mixer this is sooo much easier - it'll take about 4-5 mins and should look all fluffy, creamy and happy-like ALSO Room Temperature means exactly that, it really makes a difference in baking

TIP 4: GENTLY DOES IT! You want a light and fluffy cake, Additionally the less flour is worked and stirred, the better. To "fold" use a rubber spatula or spoon to cut down and through the mixture, then scrape the spatula along the bottom of the bowl, before coming back up - this will “fold” some of the mixture from the bottom of the bowl into the newly added mixture at the top

TIP 5: Times suggested are a guide. Like people, some ovens are just that little bit quicker than others - you know best how your oven works so keep your eyes peeled. That said, do not break the cardinal rule of opening the oven to check cake (well, at least not for the first two-thirds of bake) - your cake will look mightily sad and no one will thank you for it

TIP 6: If you have a palette knife, this'll be a doddle. If not, a spatular will work just fine. We suggest two coats of glaze, with a 15 min break between coat applications