Not just pudding
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Elderflower & White Chocolate Mousse: w/ Raspberry Powder, Lotus Biscoff & Honeycomb


TIP 1 : Greasing your tin with butter before you line with the Baking Paper will help the Liner and Circle stick easier to the sides. The Circle is 9" to ensure a snug seal for your 8" Tin

TIP 2: Don't stir too much and keep the colour a light golden amber - if you take it too far, your Honeycomb may be bitter

TIP 3: You want to work quite quickly here. Line your Mixing Bowl with your Baking Paper Rectangle and get everything ready to pour the Honeycomb from Saucepan to lined Mixing Bowl before you whisk in your Baking Soda - once whisked in you have 5-10 seconds before it starts to set. Also the Honeycomb likes to stick to the pan so soak it before attempting to wash up

TIP 4: Don't get any fat (Yolk) in with your Whites or they won't fluff up. Whisk until the Whites form soft-peaks and then stop. Add the Sugar in one tablespoon at a time whilst continuing to briefly whisk in between. Stop whisking once you can hold the bowl upside down over your loved ones head and nothing comes out

TIP 5: Add an inch or two of Water to the Saucepan and heat to a simmer. Ensure the Ovenproof Bowl correctly fits the Saucepan (and doesn't touch the simmering water below) as stray water droplets can make the melting chocolate seize. Blooming Gelatine means separating the sheets and submerging in cold water until softened

TIP 6 : White Chocolate is rather temperamental and you don't want to overcook it, so remove from heat when half melted. If may look like the butter and chocolate are starting to split but keep whisking until it comes back together. Pop chocolate briefly back onto heat if the mix cools too much/quickly as you add the Yolks/Syrup