Not just pudding
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Carrot, Ginger & Sultana Cake w/ Lime Buttercream


TIP 1: If you have an electric oven everything will cook quicker - Sunday roasts...carrot & ginger cakes...your next door neighbours trombone. Everything. We've stated gas temperatures but we recommend turning down your electric oven by roughly 10 degrees - so for this cake those with leccy ovens should be pre-heating to 338.F/170.C . Also, if you've two 9-inch tins - use: grease both and split the mix - it' i just better.

TIP 2: Make sure you keep an eye on the tea in the saucepan whilst making your cake mixture. You want to gently boil all the tea off until there is no liquid left and the sultanas are fat n' juicy.

TIP 3: Mix the Caster/Oil/Egg etc together until the mixture is silky smooth. This can be done relatively easy by hand or by using an electric hand blender on a slow speed setting.

TIP 4: To check if your cake is done, insert a toothpick (or similar shaped object) into the thickest part of the cake and ensure it comes out clean of batter. Please note: if you have opted to divide and cook the cake batter in two tins, you should cook the cake for five minutes less.

TIP 5: Creaming can be done by hand: first churn the butter with a wooden spoon (you may want to grate first for ease) before slowly adding sugar and switching to a fork to mix. BUT it really is soooo much easier to cream with a hand/electric mixer : on a low speed, churn the butter before slowly adding the sugar as you turn up the speed. It takes around 6-7 minutes for the mixture to be fully creamed and all the sugar grains dissolved. 

TIP 6: If you’re not confident with a sharp serrated knife and don’t have a cake leveller (or two wins), this can be also be done with some toothpicks and dental floss (bear with us!): place a ruler vertically against cake and insert a toothpick half way down and half way in - repeat four or five times around the side of the cake. Take a large length of dental floss and holding it with one hand, take the other end and trace it around the cake horizontally so it follows an imaginary line around the cake and under the tooth picks. Place the ends of dental floss in opposite hands and pull hands outwards slowly until you’ve two component parts. Ta daaa