We've no desire to bore experienced bakers nor bamboozle beginners, so along with your main recipe card you will also receive a secondary card called The Pudding Post FULL FAT! which is where we've included more detailed cake-specific techniques for the less confident baker below (these are marked as TIP next to the particular instruction on the recipe card you'll receive with your parcel) - these tips have also been included on this section of the website for ease.

Further, we also added a General Tips section below too - full of helpful hints which will apply to all your future bakes. We are always happy to hear of any additional baking tips you may have picked up from Auntie Mildred, so feel free to use the Contact Us page to drop us a note so we can share them on the relevant section.

Read these general baking tips before starting your first Pudding Post      

Spiced Apple Crumble w/ a Cinnamon and Clove Buttercream

Carrot, Ginger & Sultana Cake with a Lime Buttercream

Golden Lemon Meringue Pie w/ Orange & Hazelnut Shortcrust Pastry

Sticky Mango Pud w/ a Spiced Dulce de Leche & Ginger Tuile

Oreo Biscuit with a Salted Caramel Chocolate    Mousse

With t.towel - ED.jpg

White and Dark Chocolate Florentines w/ Candied Peel, Cranberries & Raisins

1 w. spiders ED.png

A Date with Scrumpy Cake: w/ Apple, Toffee & Werther's Original Shards

Honey & Walnut Cake w/ a Lemon & Thyme Glaze & Blueberry Sauce

Wine-poached Pears in a Lindt Chocolate & Ginger Biscuit Torte

Giant Orange Jaffa Cake w/ Rum and Orange Jelly and a Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Japanese Sponge with Apricot Jam, Rosewater & Thyme Glaze & Pistachios 

Two - Ed.jpg

Plum, Pecan and Gingerbread                      Upside Down Cake

pic 1 - study.jpg

Elderflower & White Chocolate Mousse: w/ Raspberry Powder, Lotus Biscoff & Honeycomb