Not just pudding
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A Date with Scrumpy Cake: w/ Apple, Toffee & Werther's Original Shards


TIP 1 : We (heavily) suggest lining your saucepan/similarly sized vessel with Greaseproof Paper first - it makes removal of the toffee much easier once hardened

TIP 2: When Toffee is firming up and still slightly tepid, deep-score into squares (approx size of a 5p piece) - this will make it *much* easier to break up when fully set/hardened

TIP 3: To enhance the flavour (and catch any wayward juice), grate the Apples straight into the pan of Scrumpy and Medjool Dates

TIP 4: It's best to fully cream the (room temp) butter first, then add the sugar in parts ALSO if you have a hand mixer this is much, much easier - it'll take about 4-5 mins and should look all fluffy, creamy and happy-like

TIP 5: GENTLY DOES IT! You want a light, fluffy cake and the less flour is worked and stirred into your batter, the better. To "fold" use a rubber spatula or spoon to cut down and through the mixture, then scrape the spatula along the bottom of the bowl, before coming back up - this will “fold” some of the mixture from the bottom of the bowl into the newly added mixture at the top

TIP 6 : It may seem like a faff, but the creation of a toffee-free layer at the bottom of the cake tin means the toffee is less likely to melt in the oven and bind itself (with ungodly strength - trust us) to the tin base